GRANDPA MCGREGOR…92-years-old and clinging to the old traditional farming practices, his Honey Puffs and life. In terms of solo singing and dialogue, Grandpa is the lead man. A very fun part. Gets the most laughs of the show. He may be old but don’t let him fool you….this guy is sharp. Has several monologues. Lives with his son and family on the farm. Is a model of Christian faith and hope.


Evelyn MCGREGOR…Dennis’ wife. Totara Ridge Pie Baking Champion for 10 years running.


KATIE MCGREGOR…Daughter. University student. Apple of her Grandpa’s eye. Future farm manager? Katie also plays Alma Mae, looking much more mature, at the end of the second act.


MABEL SCHOTZ…Desperate “Beverly Hills” farm wife longing for a life…..….somewhere else.


JACOB SCHOTZ: College senior. Son of Harry and Mabel Schotz of the Big Schotz Holstein Haven. In love with Katie McGregor, daughter of Dennis and Evelyn McGregor of the McGregor Family Dairy. Has solo parts in several numbers and a beautiful ballad that is a duet between Katie and him.


DENNIS MCGREGOR…Actively working the McGregor Family Dairy the way his father taught him. A down-to-earth farmer. Has solo parts throughout the show.


HARRY SCHOTZ…Heir of The Big Schotz Holstein Haven Empire. Trying to prove that “SIZE REALLY DOES MATTER.” Harry is only farming because that is what his father wanted. He isn’t really suited for the life and tries to drown his frustration by “shot therapy” and overspending. The farm is on the verge of foreclosure, things are desperate. The only joy in his life is his Mabel…the woman of his dreams who is WAY out of her element as a farmer’s wife.


VERN…“Traveling Information-A B Technician” and milk tanker driver. Could be any age and a high school kid that can be made up to look a bit older could play him. The county gossip, he gets lots of laughs. Has solo singing and a couple duets with Harry.


LENNY…Totara Ridge bank manager. Has the unfortunate task of confronting Harry about the financial issues surrounding his farm. Has solo parts in a couple songs. One duet with Harry. This is the least demanding of the men’s parts in terms of solo singing and dialogue.


ALMA MAE….could be played by Katie or a suitable voice from the women’s ensemble.  Duet and small solo in last number


WOMEN’S SMALL PARTS AND ENSEMBLE (Includes some solo singing)  One younger woman for cosmetic party and young farmer scene


MEN….Extra men for ensemble/parts singing.  One young man for pizza delivery at Cosmetic party.

Hawera, South Taranaki show auditions to be held June 2nd and 4th, 7pm at St John’s Centre, Argyle Street, Hawera.

 Contact Director Myron Bent for more information:  . Phone 06 2784313 or email