Dairymen: The Moo-sical is the collaborative effort of two sisters:  Brenda Strack, (book) and Melanie Wiltse, (music and score).   Both sisters have livestock, and farming experience. Brenda milks cows for a family dairy in her Wisconsin neighborhood and has a small herd of Haflinger horses. 

The play requires only simple sets and a cast of 12 main characters (6 men and 6 women).  There are a few optional small parts and ensemble parts.   All of the main characters have solo singing and plenty of dialogue.  A community theater group could incorporate children  and additional adults in the ensemble numbers if desired.

The play can be performed with piano only but it is currently arranged/orchestrated for a pit band of seven.  

Running time is approximately two hours.

We are developing perusal materials for interested producers and directors.   Please contact us for more information.